Welcome to the Bourbon Lodge

Welcome to The Bourbon Lodge

We sure are glad to have you here. You may be wondering what you have stumbled upon. Pull up a chair and let me tell you about our site.

Simply put, The Bourbon Lodge is a place where you can gather in a pressure free environment and discuss all things bourbon. Bourbon is such a broad, encompassing topic that the discussions can take many different forms, and will include individuals with differing levels of bourbon experience and expertise. I am no bourbon connoisseur, and neither are our other writers who may chime in on our site from time to time. If you are an expert, we welcome you and would love to hear what you have to share and your stories. We are merely hobbyist who share an interest and enjoyment in bourbon and the free flowing conversations that it can create. If you have been sipping bourbon for generations, we want to share our writing and experiences with you, and hope in return you would share your feedback and experiences with us. If you are just starting on your bourbon drinking adventures (and are of legal drinking age in your country of course), we want to welcome you along as well and give you information to grow with in your bourbon journey, as well as a place to ask questions.

I remember when I first started legitimately sipping bourbon for enjoyment at how curious I was but at the same time how overwhelmed with the whole experience I was. I didn’t come from a family where the men (or women) enjoyed bourbon. I also didn’t have many experienced bourbon drinkers in my social circles either. It was like trying to learn how to play piano or guitar without an instruction book or anybody to show me how to make beginning chords or even hold the pick or place my fingers on the keys. I hope our site can be a resource for the beginning bourbon drinker and the experienced bourbon drinker alike. I wish there was a site like this when I first started down my own bourbon trail. I hope here that novices aren’t afraid to ask questions, and that more experienced sippers realize that they were beginners at one point in their lives and that there are no¬†stupid¬†questions.


Our bourbon section will cover anything and everything bourbon. How to articles, bourbon reviews, bourbon series, cocktails, must have bottles for your home bar, etc.


Check out locale for information on local hot spots. In here we will talk about local bars, local events, and even bourbon distilleries or tours we have been lucky enough to enjoy. We may even see your out and about at your local bourbon spot. If so pull up a chair, we would love to chat.


Check out our food section for tasty eats, many times with bourbon influenced ingredients or tastes. If we’ve thrown something on the grill or the stove top, or found a great new bourbon BBQ or sauce you will find it here.


Last but definitely not least check out the Lodge. What is the Lodge exactly? It’s kind of like the man-cave of the site (although all are welcome). Topics here could include anything from woodworking to yard work and anything in between.

We’re glad you made the trip and hope you enjoy your stay a The Bourbon Lodge.

Have a question, comment, or request for content? Just want to say cheers? Comment below or for more detailed request slide over to our comments section and drop us a line.

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