Beginner Bourbon Series

Beginner Bourbon Series

Welcome back Bourbon Lodgers. Over the next several weeks we are planning on dropping a multi-part Beginner Bourbon Series. We want this series to be geared toward the bourbon newbie, anyone just getting into bourbon or new bourbon drinkers who might have questions.

It will range from topics touching on:

We will try our best to bring you four beginner friendly bourbons that you can build your collection around that are high quality, consistent, but also easy on your wallet at less than $40 a bottle.

For our experienced bourbon drinker’s, don’t get discouraged. We hope to hear from you throughout the process. We imagine some of the tips and bourbons we discuss at this juncture you will be familiar with and even tried (multiple times probably). Why not go through the tastings with us as we release them and share your tasting notes and thoughts with us and re-visit some of these bourbons if you haven’t had them in some time. It may be a different experience all together this time and who knows, some of these old favorites may be totally new to you as your bourbon palate has matured.

As always keep in touch and drop us a line below in the comments or reach out and give us a shout on our contact page.

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